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Executive Principal and Primary Controller Rob McEvoy wrote a featured column in Marijuana Business Magazine ahead of the 3rd Annual National Marijuana Business Conference and Expo that was held in Las Vegas in November 2014.  Mr. McEvoy’s background comes from the healthcare and educational sectors and his column, printed below, outlines the correlations between diverse patient/customer focused fields and the cannabis industry, as well as the merits of diverse transitory skill sets that cannabis entrepreneurs should leverage in order to open doors in the marijuana marketplace.

How I Entered The Cannabis Industry:  First-person accounts from the front lines of the marijuana business,from Marijuana Business Magazine: Insights for America’s Cannabusiness Entrepreneurs and Investors Volume 1, Issue 5, Fall 2014

"After spending seven years in the healthcare sector focusing on pharmacy best practices and another five years in the educational field concentrating on standards compliance, I found myself at the crossroads of an established career identity and emerging entrepreneurial opportunity.  The cannabis industry presented itself as a professional and personal challenge, enticing me to leave behind the routine of didactic logistics and trek into the unmapped territory of the marijuana market.

In preparing for my transitional journey, I organized a checklist of core competencies that would be integral to my adaptation and survival in a new business environment.  To build my new enterprise, I first developed a framework that incorporated my health care and education experience as the major support structures.  With my foundation of transferable skills solidified, I began to network with potential business partners and consulting clients, utilizing my previous background as selling points.  At first, it was difficult to conceptualize how my former career and specific expertise would translate into success within the cannabis industry.  However, once I began to analyze and examine my strengths and weaknesses, I knew the attributes in my portfolio positioned me for prosperity.

Do not underestimate the value of the intrinsic tools you possess in making your decision regarding involvement in the cannabis industry.  Without a proper marketing strategy in place, blind job searching and mass emailing will leave you frustrated and unnoticed.  Instead, conscientiously itemize your talents and account for potential obstacles.  This prudent approach will align you with visionaries aiming to capitalize on a movement rooted in longevity rather than a short-lived trend." - Rob McEvoy

Rob McEvoy is an Executive Principal and the Primary Controller for Shift Cannabis Co.  Shift Cannabis Co. is a Colorado-based consulting firm involved in all core areas of the cannabis industry including business services, management counseling, network building, as well as financial investment and capitalization.  Mr. McEvoy has worked with developing, supervising, and implementing operational auditing, organization, and training for large-scale cultivation facilities and retail entities to bring them to the forefront of the nation’s cannabis industry."

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