Shift Cannabis Co. Forges Alliance with Innovative Solutions

BOULDER, Colorado and SAN DIEGO, California—June 16, 2015—Shift Cannabis Company and Innovative Solutions today announced a dynamic alliance that teams the market-leading strengths of each company to transform the medical cannabis industry. Through the use of the Puradigm cutting edge technology, used to manage and control microbial, mold, and pathogen growth during indoor cultivation, these two companies are tackling head-on one of the most prominent and pertinent issues facing the commercial cannabis industry today.

The alliance aims to redefine the way medical cannabis growers produce product using the advanced Puradigm technology to purify the air and surfaces in the grow environment. Working together Shift Cannabis Co. and Innovative Solutions will be able to address key cannabis industry cultivating challenges including:

· Controlling microbials and pathogens throughout the production facility

· Purifying air and surfaces in grow rooms for clean flower development

· Managing the dry and cure process by attacking gray mold and botrytis

· Providing a clean process for packaging and storage of clean product

Shift Cannabis Co. is involved in all core markets of the cannabis industry from seed to sale providing professional business services to retailers and producers alike. With over a decade of commercial, regulated cannabis cultivation expertise, and over fifteen years of combined experience in cannabis organizational management including Lean and Six-Sigma Processing, their leadership team only utilizes products that work. When asked about his corporate culture Travis Howard, Founder and General Manager of Shift, had this to say, “As a former attorney I was used to being able to test theories against long-standing case law so I made sure our team had test gardens, places where they could break and fix, infect and clean, really put inventions to work under real-life demanding circumstances. If we haven’t used it, effectively, we don’t consult it. Period.”

Shift works with clients to help them design cultivation facilities and processes to achieve their goals in the cannabis industry. “We have conducted our own due diligence of this technology by using the Puradigm products in grow rooms that have had significant pathogen and mildew problems. The technology did an amazing job of resolving the problems by attacking the problem areas, controlling the CFU levels and producing clean cannabis product. This technology is vital at a time when the use of pesticides is being eliminated. It is clear that the medical cannabis industry is going to continue to increase regulations to control CFU levels to improve product quality, so implementation of this technology is very timely and we are happy to have it at our disposal”, states Reed Porter, Principal and Director of Consultancy at Shift Cannabis Co.

Innovative Solutions provides cutting edge technology solutions, including Puradigm products, to help the cannabis producer deal with problems that are common in the industry. “We are very excited to be working with the Shift Cannabis Co., who is a leader in this industry. Their experience, knowledge and professionalism are unsurpassed in the industry. Together, we believe that we can change the way leading medical cannabis producers grow product to set the industry standards for quality medicine,” states Gary Mancini, co-founder of Innovative Solutions.

Using their extensive backgrounds working with Fortune 500 Technology and Engineering companies, Gary Mancini and Mike D’Ambra lead a team of experts that provide innovative and customized solutions that are designed and engineered specifically for each grower’s environment. Innovative Solutions represents Puradigm products, which were established to bring proven products and solutions to global markets, with a focus on health and wellness for humanity. Puradigm’s patented technology has been rigorously tested by leading Universities and in field tests around the world and shown to be able to effectively manage some of the most dangerous and challenging pathogens. Innovative Solutions is currently working with some of the largest Medical Marijuana Growers in the US & Canada and is rapidly expanding its operations in other emerging global markets.

For more information regarding Shift Cannabis Company and Innovative Solutions, please

visit http://shiftcannabis.com/ and http://innovative-solutions.org/

Press Contacts:

Rob McEvoy Gary Mancini

Shift Cannabis Company Innovative Solutions

rob@shiftcannabis.com garym@innovative-solutions.org

(303) 905-0612 (858) 382-1933

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