Shift Cannabis Co. Submits A Recreational Marijuana License Application in Alaska

Feb 23, 2016 Cannabis News

Shift Cannabis Co. has submitted their second recreational marijuana license, this time in Anchorage, Alaska. In 2014, along with Oregon and Washington, D.C., Alaska legalized the possession and sale of marijuana to any person over the age of 21. Alaska has had a significant and visible cannabis subculture since the 1970’s and because the state is so isolated to the north, indoor cultivation techniques developed in Alaska have been an instrumental influence to commercial marijuana cultivation through the ages. Shift Cannabis Co. is proud to have as a business partner a successful indoor horticulturist in southern Alaska and Shift has submitted a formal application for a cultivation license.


Alaska began accepting applications for marijuana businesses on February 24, 2016 and is expected to make decisions on awarding licenses as early as June of 2016. Shift Cannabis Co. feels it is important to ensure all people have equal and informed access to quality cannabis across the country. From the continental United States to Hawaii and now Alaska, Shift Cannabis Co. incorporates the Boulder, Colorado-raised values of compassion and solid horticultural practices grounded in decades of experience. Anchorage is a costal city in Southern Alaska and actually has a climate similar to the Midwest United States, like Chicago. The conditions for growing quality boutique cannabis will enhance the final product that the people of Anchorage and surrounding area anticipate. The legal retail sale of cannabis in Alaska is projected to begin as early as September 2016.


Alaska, despite its isolation, has a consistent marijuana market and was among the first states to decriminalize the possession of marijuana. Although the law was passed in 2014, Alaska has also had a successful medical marijuana program, albeit without regulated retail centers, or dispensaries. Shift Cannabis Co. was awarded a recreational cannabis business license in Boulder Colorado via Green Dream Cannabis simultaneous to the drafting of the Alaska application. Alaska, through the newly established Marijuana Control Board, accepts marijuana business applications on a rolling basis, similar to the structure implemented in Colorado. This process contrasts with states like New Mexico, where Shift was among just a handful of selected winners of a predetermined amount of business licenses.

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