Shift Founds Partnership With MPM Systems

BOULDER, Colo. – Shift Cannabis Co. and More Plus Mas Systems have formed a strategic partnership in the pursuit of maximizing input efficiency in the cannabis industry. The partnership between MPM and Shift is a foundational approach to generating a more environmentally responsible industrial standard. With just a simple connection to the Internet, MPM hardware installed in a Shift Cannabis Co. garden is now able to securely communicate, monitor, and adjust input values remotely from iPhones, iPads and androids to maximize cultivation efficiency.


MPM installed and programed a package for Shift that covers two flower rooms. This package provides a package that senses temperature, humidity and CO2 as well as around the clock energy monitoring that constantly logs data and produces reports upon request. MPM has developed a mobile, metered feeding system that is currently in use in Shift’s garden. MPM is also currently designing light movers and a batch production flow metering system that will also be installed in Shift Cannabis Co.’s gardens. This technology will further advance cannabis science and sustainability in agriculture as a whole.


Using the data provided by Shift Cannabis Co., MPM will develop new integration hardware and software that will better address the challenges faced by cannabis cultivators that will be discovered though this groundbreaking partnership. Thus, Shift Cannabis Co. is taking this opportunity to diversify and progress gardening techniques that enhance the production of connoisseur grade medical cannabis for which Shift is well known.


The model set forth by this partnership is attractive to cannabis cultivation entrepreneurs across the agricultural industry seeking to decrease their carbon footprint while increasing yield and consistency within their business operations. Automated control systems like those developed by MPM assert the importance of resource management to benefit the environment and business operations alike. Shift Cannabis stands by the virtue of environmental responsibility as cannabis becomes a normalized crop. Together Shift and MPM believe that resource consciousness is best facilitated by technological advancements and environmental awareness.


More Plus Mas is a family owned systems integration company specializing in horticultural control systems. Together, the three founding siblings have been in the high-end control business for 15 years. The inherited synergy within the family owned business in Aurora, Colorado produces an ethical business drive for which MPM is carrying into the cannabis industry through this partnership with Shift Cannabis.



Shift Cannabis Co. is a consulting firm specializing in cannabis business services that was formed in Boulder, Colorado in 2010 among a team of vetted business professionals. Shift provides consulting services that expound on the principals’ experience in law, medicine, and business. Shift Cannabis Co. specializes in hand raised cannabis, elite cannabis genetics, and sustainable business standards in the cannabis industry.

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