Strain Type

Indica Landrace Variety



Strain Story

Originally brought into the United States and Holland in the 1970′s, it’s been used in many crosses to improve yield, mold/pest resistance, and add its Indica power and resin production.


Afghanistan/Pakistan mountains


A very stout and hearty variety that originated in the rugged mountains of Afghanistan, these dark green Indica plants can survive almost anything.  Pest and mold-resistant, easy to grow, and compact.  Traditionally used in hash-making, Afghani varieties are  often extremely resinous and sticky.


Normally hashy and earthy, sometimes very musky and spicy, at times overwhelming carbon filters.


Hashy and pretty unremarkable in most cases, sometimes the spicy notes or even light sweetness comes out.


Sedating and pain-relieving, Afghani varieties are known for being narcotic at times and eminently relaxing.  Known for fairly high CBD content, they have great analgesic properties.

Flowering Time

Short, 45-55 days

Preferred Grow Medium

These hearty plants are suitable for any type of cultivation and thrive even in difficult and cold-weather climates… they also thrive in SCROG and other training setups.
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