Strain Type

Hybrid - Indica Dominant


Afghani x Skunk #1

Strain Story

This strain is also known as “Kabul Baba.”  A hybrid, it takes its yield, flavor, and potency primarily from the Skunk side of its lineage, while the Afghani contributes its stout, hearty structure, and its resin content.




A stout, resinous plant in the typical Afghan mold with a yield boost coming from the addition of the Skunk #1.  Mold and pest-resistant, it’s a good choice for beginning growers.  It produces solid, heavy buds and is thus well-suited for commercial applications.


Vegetal with hints of  skunk, citrus, and pine… the Afghani musk seems toned down by the Skunk parent.


Hashy, earthy, yet slightly sweet


Functional by the standards of many Indicas, this strain is sedative but also comes with some Sativa-leaning head effects such as eye pressure fluctuation and a mental drive/focus.  However, the relaxed and lazy-feeling body may not be inclined to go along with the energy, making this most suitable for a slow night at home rather than intensive tasks.

Flowering Time

Medium, 55-60 days

Preferred Grow Medium

Easily grown in any medium, responds well to indoor or outdoor grows
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