Albert Walker

Strain Type

Hybrid - Indica Dominant


Thought to be an old Afghani Skunk

Strain Story

Albert Walker was made popular at Grateful Dead concerts throughout the 1980′s and 1990′s, but was thought to have originated in the Pacific Northwest earlier than that.  The structure and scent suggests that it’s an Afghani Skunk, but nobody knows for sure.


Afghanistan, then to the Pacific Northwest


The strong roadkill skunk-meets-lemon funk of Albert Walker will overwhelm the smell of many other plants in the grow room.  Originally from the Pacific Northwest, but of unknown lineage, this Indica-dominant strain has a positive, relaxing, mood elevating effect that lasts longer than most.


Pungent lemony-garlic skunk


Strong and thick-tasting lemony skunk


Coming on strong with a wave of heat to the head and chest, Albert Walker uplifts the mood and provides a good deal of mental energy at first.  It changes it character after a short time though, turning into more of a euphoric and relaxing Indica effect.  Good body relaxation, anti-anxiety, mood elevation, and appetite stimulation qualities.

Flowering Time

60 – 67 days

Preferred Grow Medium

Albert Walker is a finicky and demanding strain that is tough to grow, requiring heavy feedings to maintain healthy growth.  It yields well and is very rewarding if properly treated though.  Possibly due to the old age of the clone, it is very difficult to clone and grow, but makes great breeding stock. (growing information courtesy of )
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