Blue Widow

Strain Type

Hybrid - Indica Dominant


Blueberry x White Widow

Strain Story

Bred by Dinafem Seeds




Said best by one of our reviewers, “I’m not usually one for meds that close off the outside world, but this Blue Widow was damn nice. I felt right at home and truly enjoyed my own company, what a great strain.”


The Blue Widow looked very pale and sugary to the naked eye.


The sample was very pungent with a scrumptious blue candy over a sweet fresh pine scent.


The BW was just a tad harsh but not bad, and packed a big expansion. It tasted much like the smell with a sweet berry tone that was very pleasing.


The Blue Widow makes no bones about its indica nature and immediately delivers a calming wave. Pressure and stress melt away leaving the mind in a comfortable solitude and the body in a flacid state. Conversation and outside intrusion (TV/Radio/Computer) were found to be somewhat unpleasant but still performable if necessary. The couch and a book, or a towel and the sun, are where your mind and body will want to park and enjoy the long, relaxing ride.
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