Strain Type

Hybrid - Indica Dominant


Blackberry Apocalypse x TRC Alexis F2 pollen (Blackberry Apocalypse is Tony (*bagseed clone) x Blackberry from Memy’s Finest Seedswhile Alexis is Sweet tooth #3 x Lavender)

Strain Story

Originally created by “Lonestar”, the founder of Texas Resin Company.


Texas, USA


An Indica-dominant hybrid that is comprised of some special and rare genetics, Bordello is known for turning wonderful colors (likely due to the Soma’s Lavender part of the equation) and packing quite a punch, both in flavor and potency.


Sweet (on the berry side of things) and slightly skunky


Depends on pheno, but generally it’s slightly sweet and herby


Though it’s heavily Indica in its makeup, Bordello tends to be relatively light overall, never feeling overwhelming or bleary-eyed.  It has a very solid body relaxation component, but keeps the mind relatively clear and functional.  It tends to have rather strong ocular effects as well, making it a good choice for glaucoma, etc.

Flowering Time

About 7 weeks
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