Bubba Kush

Strain Type

Indica Dominant


Unknown: [Likely old world semi-arid mountain region]

Strain Story

Katsu Bubba - orgnkid was the first to bring bubba online that I ever saw. That was around 2000/2001 at cw. he was touting it, showing fat stacks of cash, his grows, etc. As far as I had been told, he sold a cut of bubba to GCM and GCM sold it to katsu. That is the katsu cut, aka, orgnkid's green pheno. Orgnkid first obtained this bubba around 2000/2001 and got the OG slightly thereafter. That's as much as I remember being told by him. Mint Bubba S1- ECK06's s1 phenotype from the first batch of bubba kush s1's orgnkid posted to the bay. Purple Bubba S1 - This is a cut orgnkid scored from a sfv club owner that was an s1 of the original bubba cut the owner of the club sourced (whicever that is). The club owner was scared of the dudes he got it from and knew not to break their rules. But there was a way around it so he could make cuts and buds available to his club. So he makes some s1 seeds from the bubba, pulls out the yielding, club nugget purple bubba pheno. Now he has a "unheld" cut of the bubba. THE REAL PRE-98/PRE2K1 - in 2004/5 or so I obtained the above purple and green bubbas from orgnkid through a mutual friend. I also got a cutting from my good friend in norcal (the true pre98). So for the sake of everyone online that had different cuts back then, I put some info in a Bubba thread much like this one where I grew all three of em side by side and compared. I labeled the orgnkid/katsu the GREEN PHENO/2k1. I labeled the ClubS1 the PURPLE PHENO/2k1. And I labeled the Norcal one, pre2k1, cuz at that time, I hadn't asked my buddy ALL the info on the norcal cut.. And i was told orgnkid's were obtained in 2k1. So anyways, after a few more pages in that thread at CW, people started getting the pre98 moniker from the kalimist mixed up with my pre2k1 bubba designation. So after probing my friend, he told me he got it from a glassblower in socal around 1998. after posting that, the pre2k1 pretty much started getting called the pre98. The pre-98 is shabud's cut. Swerve's Pre-98 - I don't know where swerve obtained this cut, you would have to ask him. But he has told me, that he termed his "pre98" (which was at least a few years after the thread at CW and I had designated the norcal as pre98) because the cut he obtained, reminded him of the the bubba he was smoking in 1998-2000 in SFV. I don't think there is any firsthand evidence of the age of his cut.

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