Biological Cultivation Techniques

The convergence of soil biology and traditional production farming techniques is referred to as biological agriculture.
Biological Cultivation Techniques

Biological cultivation is the method of incorporating soil biology and modern horticultural practices, and our approach is based upon Carey Reams' theories of plant nutrition.  It focuses on the intersection of the physical, chemical, and biological components of the plant's immediate habitat.  Mineral based nutrients feed not only the plant but also the soil biome, in turn the soil biome feeds the plant.  This results in improved terroir; the physical expression the plant is putting off most commonly experienced through the terpenes, flavinoids and definitive structure. These traits are what provide cannabis the characteristics that medical patients depend on and connoisseur consumers pay up for.  Biologics can be accomplished via 100% organic additives as well as a hybridized blend of synthetic minerals and organic dressings and can be accomlished in a living soil bed or in any soilless, inert medium (hydroponic feeding).  However, biological production is never a fully synthetic feed.  

There are pros and cons to each biologic method discussed and based upon your team's goals and desires in the marketplace Shift Cannabis Co. is capable of creating a tailored approach sure to win the hearts, minds, and palates of your patients and customers.  Call us today to speak with one of our cultivation experts! 


  • Consistent crop yield, using the mix of mineral or synthetic nutrients with organic carbon based nutrients will improve total nutrient availability
  • Increased BriX content (measurable plant nutrition) repels pests, resulting in fewer pesticide applications (even organic/natural pesticides)
  • Increased microfauna will improve terpene production, bioflavonoid synthesis and over all resin development
  • Sustainable plant nutrition that discharges fewer nitrates into waste water systems
  • Flexible - systems ranging from 100% organic, biodynamic, synthetic hydroponics to our favored 70/30 biological cultivation system
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