Brand Building & Marketing Services

Shift offers a complete line of marketing services that will get you noticed.
Brand Building & Marketing Services
Investment Starter

The investment starter package is available for those interested in adding a flair to your early business development phase. Consistent and professional design presentations and materials can make a huge impact in getting your ideas and visions across to potential investors & strategic partners.

  • Investment Packet
  • InfoGraphics
  • Powerpoint Presentations
  • Data Vaults
  • Temp Sites
Brand Development

Your identity is a direct reflection of the message you wish to communicate to your customer base. With the average American being bombarded with one to three thousand visual messages every day, your identity plays a key role in communicating who you are. The identity we create will also lay the foundation for all future image work and will be an image that will brand you as a true leader in your intended market.

  • Logo & Support Icon
  • Business Card
  • Drop Card
  • Signage
  • Font Collection Web & Print
  • Color Palette
  • Packaging
  • Swag (T-shirts, hats, etc.)
  • Advertising
  • Web Banners
  • Brand Standards Guide
Web Development

Shift utilizes two different technology teams when it comes to web development and tech integration.  Because no one solution or approach is perfect for all people, we've gathered the best of the best with competing views to ensure you find the perfect program plan for your business.  One approach is a predesigned system and structure for the medical & retail dispensary fields, utilizing ExpressionEngine, a CMS (content management system) of choice for designers and developers with the highest standards.  The other is to build a custom architecture meeting your specific needs whereby no other competitor will have anything similar.  Regardless of programming language you desire, what you need to integrate into, or how high tech you intend to take your vision, Shift Cannabis Co. has a team ready and dedicated to your every wish!

A few of the possibilities:

  • Expression Engine true CMS system / Purely Custom CMS
  • Product portfolio listing  images, ingredients, and relevant information requested and/or in compliance with state regulations
  • Full Integration with WeedMaps, Leafly, MJ Freeway and or KindReviews
  • Social Sharing through ShareThis.com / Custom Sharing and Social Solutions
  • Weekly/Daily specials call out for home page
  • Harvest Alerts - Let you custom know as soon as strain is available
  • Responsive design that will function on a desktop, tablet and smartphone
  • Social Media design, configuration and set up including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Linked in if applicable
  • Interchangeable home page banner(s) system allowing you to promote specials, offerings, services etc. in a simple and seamless manner
  • Strain aggregate allowing you to pull in data from KindReviews, Leafly  or WeedMaps or use your own custom data fields
  • Shopping cart option great for selling merchandise
  • Blog and Content development
  • Social Media Integration
  • Direction link, including Google maps integration of dispensary location
  • Optimized for local organic search results
  • Mulit Location & Mulit tier configuration

Example Sites Built and Managed

kindreviews.com (Content / Data Integration)

greendreamcannabis.com (Operating Dispensary)

catalystcannabisco.com (Hopeful Applicant Dispensary)


  • Comprehensive Branding Packages
  • Fully Functional Technology Packages
  • Make It Real Soft and Hard Goods Packages
  • Rich Content Delivery Systems
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Let’s Work Together

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