Contract Cultivation

Full-time, part-time and hybridized garden management contract services available.
Contract Cultivation

Some operations have a solid, trustworthy garden staff who may simply need new techiniques and systems to thrive, while other organizations need to start from the beginning with staff selection.  Depending on your specific needs, Shift can craft a contract production program for you.  We offer full-time, full-process packages where the entire veg and flowering process are outsourced to our team as well as hybrid packages where our staff spend anywhere from 2-14 days per month on your location training, implementing and overseeing your production plan.  We have the expertise to teach and implement numerous styles of production, and we are certain to develop the appropriate plan for your needs.  Whether your garden needs direction, people, or new procedures your customers still need top-quality product; Shift delivers all of the above.


  • Full-Time Garden Management Contracts
  • Part-Time Training and Oversight Programs
  • Hiring Assistance and Training Packages
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Let’s Work Together

Let’s Work Together

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