Genetic Resource Management

From propagation techniques to crop rotation planning have the science and procedures to ensure your success.
Genetic Resource Management

Our technicians have experimented with and tested the various protocols associated with propogating vegetative plant stock, including mother plants, micropropagation and tissue culture.  We understand there is no right answer, only the perfect choice for your scenario.  We can help you tailor your procedures to maximize resources and space based upon your team's expertise and staffing components.  Should you invest in cryogenic freezers, a mild-term stasis refridgerator, or simply build a mothering room in your facility?  Not only can we assist you in designing the right facility for your business model but we can help you implement the techniques that facility was built for.  Shift Cannabis Co. is ready to craft your breeding, storage, and selection protocols so send us an email today!


  • Healthy Mothering Techniques
  • Micropropagation Procedures
  • Breeding Programs
  • Strain Storage
  • Crop Rotation Plans
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Let’s Work Together

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