Network Building (The Cipher)

In the cannabis industry, it's always been about the proverbial circle...
Network Building (The Cipher)

Through our attitude, approach, and actions, Shift Cannabis Co. has developed a comprehensively vetted professional network of cannabis colleagues. We are driven by our love for the plant, the people, the products, and above all, to never compromise on quality.  This industry was built upon a long established culture, where trust was built through cipher and shared risk/reward.  Today's true industry leaders, the ones who have the respect of the consumer base and the longevity to lead for decades, have all navigated the tightrope between culture and business where they share the risks and rewards with their patient or customer base.  Building lasting relationships in this type of environement takes understanding and authenticity; our roots run deep in cannabis culture and commerce.

Allow Shift Cannabis Co. to be your industry guide, aligining you with others sharing your world view and ethos, and take a seat at our cipher.  We can assure you, our circle is only packed with quality and the other folks in the ring are as true as we are.  Enjoy!


  • Power Introductions
  • Authenticity Analysis
  • Meeting Liaisons
  • Mentor/Mentee Relationships
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Let’s Work Together

Let’s Work Together

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