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Our company began consulting small dispensaries and cultivators in early 2010. From budtender training, to pest management, to both patient and cultivar acquisition, and even temporary staffing placements, we grew out of the cannabis streets of Denver and Boulder into an international consulting company.

Over the past seven years Shift has partnered with groups from around the country, Canada, and South America on every aspect of the business, from application process to sale.

We are SHIFTING from consulting partner to the industry’s turn-key cannabis operators.

The Cannabis industry is growing rapidly… and the competition is increasing by the day.

Shift’s turn-key operator model provides more than a proven road map to long term success. Shift’s model provides the map, the tools and the vehicle needed to pave the path for the future growth of your vision and company.

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Shift Cannabis

Fully integrated operational data-driven model

Shift’s proprietary
turnkey operator model

Our turnkey approach starts with our world-class research facility design and data extraction team in Colorado. From there we cultivative, extract, and formulate using the industry leading techniques. Industry trend insights are combined with our internal IP and business management methods to boost managerial skills and operational efficiencies.

Proven Model

Driven by three pillars

We form operating partnerships across the country to quickly scale the premier production systems and consumer brands into a national footprint.

By leveraging our vast experience, network, and intellectual property we are helping build the necessary infrastructure for top-tier businesses to bring safe, consistent, and quality cannabis products to the world.

Master Planning

  • Financial Modeling
  • Site Acquisition
  • Entitlements
  • Facility Designs
  • Asset Development
  • License Procurement


  • Cultivation
  • Extraction
  • Kitchen
  • Retail
  • Research & Development


  • Market Analysis
  • Brand Development
  • Consumer Product Research
  • Custom Packaging Development
  • Launch Strategy
  • Product Improvement Loop

Shift's partners


Shift's partners