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Our unique cultivars are cultivated at Dalwhinnie Farms located in the Rocky Mountains in the shadow of Telluride, Colorado. Dalwhinnie Farms is a world-class, one-of-a-kind cultivation facility nestled on 200 acres of pristine Colorado mountain valley.

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Cultivars Available

Jack Flash/Novacaine

History: Created in 2014 the Jack Flash X Novacaine hybrid combines a 1990s Jack Flash with the modern poly hybrid Novacaine. Their flowers are exceptionally large, some produce tops so large they cannot support their own weight. As it is tragically and comically large this variety should be known as Falstaff, the plump Shakespearean character that fits a similar physical description.

Aroma: Being one of the few varieties that exhibit apple and melon scents the Jack Flash brings some of the most complex aromas to the hybrid. The Novacaine father plant brings a sharpness as well. Our prized phenotype has the scent of melon and lime with hints of pink crabapple. The tartness of the aroma washes over your tongue on the inhale and exhale.

High: Being as close to a modern or "pop" style hybrid that we provide, the high is strong and sedative with a low ceiling. This is a great variety for lounging around the house.


History: Originally made by New House Seeds in 2010. Using Krommes "The White" clone as a backdrop for our f8 grape Krush male. Armagnac provides a grape escape.

Aroma: Departing from today's modern grape varieties Armagnac stings the nose with an initial burst of hot grape and plum. As the first wave of smells washes over your olfactory senses, a murky deepness of leather and earth brings up the rear of your pallet.

High: Again, making a rapid departure from today's "pop" varieties Armagnac puts its best foot forward with an even-keeled high, not too strong and no slouch either. Many smokers will find the high akin to the first time they smoked.

Chocolate Trip

History: Created by Dutch Flowers Seed company in 1998. This is a classic reborn, one of the rarest and most important cannabis varieties from the early 2000’s.

Aroma: Living up to its namesake, notes of chocolate are discernable beneath layers of musk, wet earth, and mineral. Shades of a plum mix with the deep musk of the nose to provide an exquisite velvety exhale and mouthfeel.

High: Chocolate Trip's Indica base hits very hard, but still gives an extremely energetic, lucid, visual high. It has both a lot of "bass" and "treble," yet the overall tone is definitely speedy, like a dance track. The Chocolate Trip prowess is to satisfy the Indica and Sativa lovers equally, even when it is clearly sativa dominant in both high and taste.

Bruce Brain

History: Bruce Banner #3 x Brain OG (Lemon Larry OG x Sour Diesel) aka Snoop's OG or Soul Assassin's OG. The goal of this cross was to bring back some of the more true OG funk taste and smell while maintaining the Bruce Banner potency and increased yield. While the growth is all OG, the flowers themselves are more conical and spear shaped like the Bruce Banner nugs.

Aroma: Lemon, pine dominant. The Bruce Banner comes through in the dried flower, presenting an earthy mineral component similar to the city after a fresh rain on the pavement.

High: Hybrid natured with an intense potency from the Bruce Banner #3, the Brainer, as it's often referred to, brings the standard OG body high and laid back head but also adds a good hour or more of a traditional sativa experience as far as energy and vibrancy go.

Lucinda 91

History: Is a unique cross of Lucinda Williams X Chem 91. This flower was born from a collaboration between Spencer Fuller and Cannarado Seeds, created in 2013 by Cannarado seed company, and never before released. Cannarado seeds used Spencer's Lucinda Williams clone, the #3, for this feminized outcross with Chemdog 1991.

Aroma: Lucinda Williams is known for her soft creamy pineapple nose and flavor. Combining her with the peaty skunk of the Chemdog 1991 unleashes a symphony of smells. Pineapple dances on the tongue with cherry, raspberry, and wet earth. The exhale is where the complexity of this hybrid shines, with dark and musky notes of peat and mushroom.

High: The mind and body find a perfect rhythm. Relaxing and stimulating, the high has a whole body effect that lingers for several hours after smoking.

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Packaging: All of our hand-selected cultivars are shipped in branded packages signifying to customers that the products are premium.

Pricing: Quantity discounts available for orders of 15+ lbs per strain.

Availability: These unique cultivars will not last long! For product pricing and availability, contact us today!

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