Genuine Cannabis

None of our cultivars were sourced from clones.

Unique strains, curated from thousands of phenotypes for its superiority and individuality.  


Perfection takes time

Our cold-dry and cold-cure process ensures the cultivars dry slowly and evenly. Maximum terpene preservation may cost us time, but we know you’ll appreciate it. Every puff. Every pass.



Armagnac is characterized as a grape and plum explosion. The Grape Kush male gives away some of its flavor in exchange for a frosty ‘The White’ exterior. Strong enough for experienced smokers, it is most often referred to as an even-keel high.


Dawg Walker

This blend of Skywalker OG and Stardawg truly deliver the Force! Expect a Skywalker dominant flavor profile full of kushy forest richness. Delivering maximum potency, we named this cultivar with the idea it may be smart to let your best friend lead you for a while.


strawberry Head

A true "pop-variety” OG hybrid, she is sure to delight today's smoker. Combining the street punch of Brain OG with the strawberry dominant famous Bruce Banner, this cultivar provides both the laid-back body high and the energy to actually go out and enjoy it.